Our MarTack brand includes the most traditional part of hotmelt adhesives. In it we can find the EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) base and the rubber or PSA base.

These types of adhesives are the most widely used hot-melt adhesives due to their versatility and low cost, their properties may be more limited than other speciality adhesives such as polyurethanes, polyamides or olefins but, for many applications where such high performance is not required, they are the best possible choice within the wide range of hot-melt adhesives available.

MarTack series is available in granules, glue stick, small pillow and 500 grams pillow to meet the different needs of each customer.

The aim of this product series is to be able to offer a perfect solution to the customer at the lowest possible cost.

Our brand EvoTack integrates olefins and polyolefins or metallocenes.

These new technologies have a has a slightly higher cost but compensate for it with many advantages they offer us, for example reduced consumption (up to 30%), no odours, no generation of carbon or threads, as well as excellent adhesion on difficult materials and thermal stability.

They are a growing sector and the forecasts are very good for the coming years.

Our AQUOSIVE brand encompasses all the water-based products we manufacture, such as PVA or vinyl, ethylene or VAE and acrylic or starch derivatives, synthetic or casein for labelling.

We have a very extensive catalogue of water-based adhesives, practically for all the applications available on the market.

Our brand MARPUR offers polyurethane or PUR hot melt adhesives.

These adhesives are widely used for applications such as wood, automotive, bookbinding or filters.

Their main characteristic is that they cure chemically rather than physically, as they need to have moisture in the materials in contact and in the environment to complete their cross-linking, which usually takes between 24 and 72 hours.

The adhesion and cohesion properties are extremely high, in addition to its resistance to temperature which is between -30 and 120 degrees.

Their cost is one of the highest among adhesives, but we can say that they guarantee a secure and durable bond.

Our Gelatine brand covers animal based references.

These adhesives are very environmentally friendly as they come from organic waste rather than petroleum derivatives and are therefore biodegradable.

They are hot melt adhesives but at a low temperature which makes them safe from burns as they work at around 65 degrees.

Their cost-performance ratio is very good which makes them very common in the paper and cardboard industry.