INDUMARSAN focuses on offering the highest quality standards in the sectors in which it is present, controlling the different characteristics in our range of both water-based and hot-melt adhesives, respecting FDA regulations and standards.

Our commitment is focused on the effort to achieve the best results in everything we do, to be able to offer the customer a final product of the best quality, with a business ethic and environmental management that contributes our grain of sand for a more sustainable and socially responsible future.

We have an integral work process in which it is not only the result but also the environment that counts. We strive to use the best technologies and professionals and we take care of our internal procedures to be as efficient as possible.

As a company aware of the importance of prioritising the concepts of Quality and customer service to guarantee the competitiveness and growth of our organisation, we have drawn up this quality policy, with the following maxims to be fulfilled within our company:

  • The best value for money.
  • Own laboratory in factory.
  • Estimates without obligation.
  • Our customers are our main priority and we strive every day to achieve their satisfaction by adapting our services to their needs.
  • We comply with all the requirements imposed by our clients, as well as all those of a legal nature and other applicable requirements in the field of quality and service that may be required of us.
  • We maintain feedback with our customers for the continuous improvement of our processes.
  • Involving, motivating and committing all staff to become involved in the company, as well as their training, motivation and communication.
  • Our high standards when choosing our suppliers ensure that the services they provide us with are of maximum guarantee.
  • To guarantee continuous improvement, maintaining the system in an efficient and effective way in order to confirm our commitment to our clients, seeking a better internal organisation of our work.

Our Quality Policy is constantly evolving, and is therefore reviewed for its continuous adaptation, always within the framework of the objectives defined by the Organisation.