The Maroc Challenge is an event that takes place every year on Moroccan soil.

It is a peculiar race in which there are several categories; professional, amateur and charity. In addition to trying to reach their destination after travelling 3,200 kilometres through the desert and mountains of Morocco, participants aim to help the most disadvantaged areas through which they participate. In the Maroc Challenge, companies and foundations work together to develop and implement tailor-made projects. An example of such collaboration is the glue and adhesive company Indumarsan, which, seeing the needs of many children, has done its bit. This spirit of solidarity is what has made us, Indumarsan, sponsor the CRT team, which, within the amateur category in which they were participating, managed to win the race.

indumarsan rally maroc

Maroc Challenge is a genuine low-cost rally. It is a simple definition but with as many nuances as there are participants, because each participant experiences the Maroc in their own way and the incredible thing is that we all fit in. There is room for those who have experience and come to compete, there is room for those who have never taken part in a raid and come to have fun, there is room for those who dream of crossing Morocco without setting foot on tarmac but are looking for the support of an organisation and there is room for those who are simply looking for adventure and that is the only thing we ensure for everyone! What’s more, you have to come to discover what you are looking for in the Maroc Challenge, because sometimes we are surprised to find something we didn’t even know we were looking for, and that is perhaps the true spirit of the Maroc.

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